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Welcome to INTEROAD, Car Rentals Services on the island of Crete

beach_opel_vectra_smallCrete is one of the most beautiful islands in the world! Discover and explore Crete by renting and traveling the island by car!

Whether you visit Crete for a holiday or a business trip, choose one of our vehicles, select GPS navigation during the reservation process and travel with confidence and safety.

We provide friendly services with real interest for customer satisfaction. That is why our customers will choose us again next time they visit Crete!


You can use our online Reservation System to make your reservation with 4 easy steps, account creation is fully automated* and credit card is optional**, plus you get small or zero cancellation fees.

Reserve the car now and confirm your reservation 10-20 days prior to the pick-up depending on the rental period.

Our fleet is equipped with modern cars, at highly competitive prices throughout the year, while delivering quality rental services.

We provide 24-hour delivery to all airports and ports of the island, and we have offices or associates in Heraklion, Chania & Agios Nikolaos.

Furthermore the cars are covered by our 24-hour roadside assistance and full insurance with small liability according to the car size. No tricking and lying to our customers for full insurance with zero liability, there is no issurance company that provides such a thing in Greece, unless the rental company does this itself at a high risk & cost.

-- For more information you can read the Insurance Details and our Rental Policy.

* The email you provide is your login, this along with the password are emailed to you. You may then login and manage your reservation(s) yourself, or just contact as by phone or email to arrange any changes and payment.
** You need to pay a small advancement by credit card for reservations during high season, else your reservastion is not guaranteed. Also you need to provide a credit card on pick-up for payment and guarantee. Please note that this site does not store credit card information, as the payment are conducted by a trustworthy and reliable external payment service provider e.g. a large bank or other well known provider.

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